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What We Do

Complete financial wellness

We employ several resources as well as our 7 Step Process to illuminate your desired outcomes and build a solid financial foundation for your future.

As financial professionals, we are committed to evaluating your complete financial picture and walking with you as you achieve financial wellness. The Luminary Financial Team considers your desired outcomes, risk tolerance, and overall timeline as we develop your individualized plan. We are passionate about guiding our clients to accomplish… financial opportunities and wellness in every stage of life.

Financial Advice and Planning

Financial advice and planning is long term commitment that can begin at any life stage. Financial advice isn't a "one and done." At Luminary Financial Group we focus on providing advice for complete financial wellness. Our concern for your financial wellness goes beyond capitalizing on an immediate asset return. We believe you will find wellness with careful, individualized steps, and we have the distinct knowledge and services that will help you achieve just that.

Retirement Planning

When you think about your retirement years, you need to consider what your desired outcomes are related to retirement living. What income will you want to maintain a comfortable living? What healthcare costs and unexpected expenses do you need to anticipate? We will help you evaluate and determine your retirement living intentions and tailor a financial strategy that considers your desired outcomes.

Investment Management

We take pride in providing the highest level of investment options to help meet the needs of our clients. We consider your complete portfolio and design a plan that manages your stocks, pension and retirement resources, annuities, insurance plans, real estate and estate holdings. We base our recommendations and advice on what will help our clients achieve their desired outcomes and complete financial wellness.

Risk Management and Insurance

Yes, life can be fulfilling and rewarding; however, life can also consist of risks and heartache. At all times, the team at Luminary Financial Group wants to ensure you are prepared for unexpected life circumstances. We offer resources and strategies that can provide reassurance and insurance during a personal or professional crisis.

Legacy and Estate Plans

Establishing a detailed plan that provides security for your loved ones after your death is a gift. Legacy and estate planning can be a sensitive subject but we know it is never too early to consider how your assets and possessions can bless and assist your loved ones. Our team can help you set up a plan that protects your privacy, minimizes tax expenses, and honors your legacy in the exact way you desire.

Tax Strategies and Management

Related to investments, Luminary Financial Group has a variety of tax strategy and management solutions that maximize your contribution abilities. We offer vehicles that reduce tax liability and are effective solutions for both your current life stage as well as your financial future.